PCL chief wants more efforts towards HIV/AIDS interventions PDF Print E-mail

By Adam Phiri - The Daily Times

Group Chief Executive Officer for Press Corporation Limited (PCL) Mathews Chikaonda has urged members of the corporation to ensure that the country
registers zero new infections, zero discrimination and mm deaths related to HIV and Aids.

Declaration of Interim Dividend - September 2014 PDF Print E-mail

pressThe Board of Directors at its One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth meeting held on 29th August 2014 resolved:





Press Corporation Limited seeks energy partners in the US PDF Print E-mail

By Thom Khanje - The Daily Times

Press Corporation Limited (PCL) has taken advantage of the US-Africa Summit taking place in Washington DC to explore strategic partnerships with prospective US investors in its planned energy sector ventures.

Trading statement in respect of the six months to June 2014 PDF Print E-mail

In terms of the Listings Requirements of the Malawi Stock Exchange Limited, a listed company is required to publish a trading statement as soon as there is a reasonable degree of certainty that the financial results for the period to be reported upon next will differ by at least 20% from that of the previous corresponding period.

Declaration of Final Dividend PDF Print E-mail

At the Company’s Thirtieth Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 25th June 2014, the following resolution was adopted:

“THAT upon the recommendation of the Directors a final dividend of MK841.4 million representing MK7.00 per share in respect of the year ended 31st December 2013 be and is hereby declared payable on Friday 22nd August 2014 to those Shareholders registered in the books of the Company as at the close of business on Friday 25th July 2014”.

An interim dividend of MK240.0 million representing MK2.00 per share was paid on 26th October 2013. This, plus the final dividend of MK841.4 million representing MK7.00 per share, makes a total dividend of MK1.081 billion representing MK9.00 per share to be paid to shareholders for the year ended 31st December 2013.

Dated this 26th June 2014


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