Ethanol Company Limited
To be an innovative and reliable supplier of reference-quality ethanol and allied products in Africa

Mission Statement
To attain an above target return on investment for the benefit of shareholders and other stakeholders through safe and efficient production and the supply of reference-quality ethanol and allied products on a sustainable basis.

Contact Information
The General Manager
Ethanol Company Ltd
P.O. Box 50
Central Africa
Telephone: +265 (0)1 295 200

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Ethanol Company Limited PDF Print E-mail

Ethanol Company LimitedCommissioned in 1982, Ethanol Company Limited has produced well over a quarter billion litres of ethanol. We are the pioneers of Ethanol production in Malawi. Being Malawi's most innovative and experienced ethanol producer and marketer; we have been and continue being a success story.

Our customer base has grown tremendously covering both local and foreign markets. We value our customers greatly and strive to give you second-to-none ethanol products. We aim to keep our number-one place in the market by offering world class quality products and care to our customers.

In its effort to effectively produce Ethanol, a renewable energy source, Ethanol Company Limited is committed to continually apply good safety, health and environmental management practices in its activities. This enables us to compare favorably with well managed Ethanol facilities anywhere in the world.


(i) Fuel Ethanol minimum 99.5% v/v alcohol strength
Used as a blend component in Petrol with a 2 to 8 parts national ethanol/ petrol ratio, fuel ethanol is sold to Petroleum Companies within Malawi. Use of ethanol as a petrol blend enhances vehicle engine octane levels and reduces harmful tail – pipe vehicle emissions.

(ii) Rectified (industrial) alcohol minimum 96.0% v/v alcohol strength
This product is widely used as a solvent and as a raw material in many chemical processing industries. It is relatively safe and can be used to dissolve many organic compounds which are insoluble in water. It is used in the manufacture of various substances including paints and plastics.

(iii) Potable (ENA) alcohol 96.0% v/v alcohol strength
Potable Alcohol is sold in bulk litres to Malawi Distilleries Limited and other local alcohol blending companies for the production of a wide range of spirits for beverage use. In the pharmaceutical industry, ENA is a prime carrier for a whole spectrum of medicines and is therefore used for processing a wide range of drugs. It is a good disinfectant as methylated spirit. Surplus potable alcohol is exported.




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