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Water is vital to our business, as is the sustainability of the environment in which we operate. Carlsberg Malawi engages with communities on issues of water and the environment through projects such as tree planting, as a way of protecting source water and the environment.

In addition, the company has waste water treatment plants in two of installed at two of its bottling sites- Mzuzu and Lilongwe. These major investments demonstrate Carlsberg Malawi’s commitment to water and environmental issues.

The waste water treatment plant at Carlsberg Malawi’s Mzuzu factory was installed in December 1996, during the construction of the beverage company’s bottling plant. The new plant in Lilongwe, officially opened on 15 December 2011 also has a waste water treatment plant.

The treatment plants are Carlsberg Malawi’s way of ensuring that all liquid waste from the production processes is treated to acceptable limits before being discharged to the environment. In Mzuzu, communities living downstream of Ching’ambo River reap some agricultural benefits from treated water from the plant. The water discharged from plant which feeds directly into the river is rich in nutrients so that local communities cultivating land (dimbas) and irrigating down Ching’ambo River are able to grow good crops, such as vegetables, without the use of fertilizers.

Carlsberg Malawi’s commitment to protect and preserve the environment goes beyond making profits. The company’s corporate citizenship framework is based on four principles-to refresh the marketplace, to enrich the workplace, to strengthen the community, and to preserve the environment. We have values of good environmental practice and innovation that allow us to take the lead in areas that we are most able to influence, particularly in our three key areas of environmental impact, water and energy use, and waste reduction.


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